Makeup Geek Blushers

Starting out as a makeup artist can be extremely expensive, especially finding out what products are right for you. Unless you have discount on brands then you will put a lot of money into it. Watching Youtube videos 24/7 introduces me to loads of new products and watching reviews can also help you decide whether the more expensive products are worth buying.

I discovered Makeup Geek about a year ago, when I was watching Samantha Randaval. At this point they weren’t selling the products in the UK so when I ordered some eyeshadows it worked out pretty expensive with shipping, and took about a month to arrive. Now they are selling them on Beauty Bay so it’s really easy to pick these up now which I love. They were first known for there beautiful eyeshadow pans but have now come out with pigments, blushes and brand new contour pans (which I am dying to try!). They are also cruelty free!

So the blushers retail at £7.95, and have 0.15oz of product in them. I would say they are highly pigmented, buttery and high end quality. You only have to use a tiny amount of product and it blends so well, and the colours are beautiful. There are 12 shades available, which you can fit into a large Z Palette, and then replace them when they run out, which is great.

So now for the Swatches! These aren’t all the shades, but the ones I picked out for my makeup kit.
First, the warm shades –

Makeup Geek Swatches - Warm

From the top to bottom:

Infatuation – A deep peach with pale chocolate undertones
Smitten – A bold beige
Romance – A peachy nude with a subtle shimmer (I am in love with this shade!)
Summer Fling – A bold nude with orange undertones

Now, the cooler shades –

Makeup Geek Swatches - Cool

From top to bottom –

Spell Bound – Nude with soft salmon undertones
Head Over Heels – Pale muted pink
Secret Admirer – Light lilac with nude undertones (my favourite!)
Hanky Panky – Muted rose pink

Makeup Geek Blushers

Overall I’m loving these! They are so highly pigmented and are lasting me a life time! Definitely worth picking some up.
What are your favourite Blushers?

Chloe xx


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