Makeup Revolution ‘Salvation Velvet Lacquer’ Review

So there has been so many brands coming out with Liquid Lipsticks and I am loving them. Personally, I love a matte lip and have always struggled with finding a lipstick that will last really well. I saw the Makeup Revolution ‘Salvation Velvet Lacquer’ Liquid Lipsticks in Superdrug and noticed they were only £3 each! So I couldn’t dismiss them.
The colours really attracted me as they were so unusual. I bought the colours ‘Depravity’, ‘What I Believe’ and ‘Keep Lying For Me’.


The Packaging-
It comes in a Rose Gold Cardboard Box, showing the colour through it. The bottle is plastic, and has Rose Gold writing on. It has a screw top lid, which is good for easy access when out and about. I’d say the packaging it good for the price, as it’s not amazing but isn’t cheap looking. The doe foot applicator, makes the product quite hard to apply. So it’s easier to use a lip brush to do the outline.


The product is a velvety consistency and is quite thick in texture, so you do have to be careful when applying that you don’t get too much product on your lips as it will cake up. I found it took a while to dry, and it did stay quite sticky for a while, but once it dried I didn’t feel that it was too drying to the lips. Although it’s quite thick in texture I also found I had to apply quite a bit to make it opaque in colour, which may be why it took a while to dry properly.
The only thing I really dislike about them, is the fact that when you eat, not only does it come off a lot, it crumbles off and gets everywhere, which isn’t an attractive look, and you can’t reapply it very well as it then cakes up, so if you needed to reapply I would just start from scratch. This product would be ideal if you’re just going out for the evening.

My Overall Verdict-
I am really loving this product at the moment. But I find you do really have to exfoliate your lips before use, even if you find your lips aren’t dry. If you don’t have your own lip scrub you can easily create your own by mixing together honey and sugar- and it tastes delicious! I’d say for the price of this product, it’s really worth getting, the colour pay off is good, and so is the pigmention. If you don’t like the drying feeling of matte lipsticks, I wouldn’t recommend these. They’re not the best liquid lipsticks I’ve tried, but they are definitely worth the price! And I love the colours!

Chloe xx


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