Nivea Post Shave Balm as a Primer!?

Nivea Shave Balm
Ok, so everyone’s been going on about this Nivea (MEN?!) Post Shave Balm as a primer. Weird right?
I first heard this from NikkieTutorials on Youtube, as she used it as a moisturizer first of all. She then discovered this product is AMAZING as a primer. I have tried so many primers and haven’t found one where I notice a difference, so was curious to see if this product works.
I’ve been trying this for a couple of weeks and I am loving the results!
The second most used ingredient is Glycerin, which is used in most high end primers, making the makeup adhere to the skin better.
Packaging: The product comes in a white glass bottle, with a screw top. It doesn’t have a pump but you don’t really need one as the product is very runny in consistency so comes out easily into your hand. You could also easily transfer the product into a bottle with a pump. It retails at £5.35, which is very reasonable and it is easy to access.
Formula: The product is a white coloured liquid which is watery in consistency, and easily spreads around the face being absorbed into the skin in about 30 seconds. It’s very cooling when you apply it giving you a fresh feeling. Considering it is a men’s product, I was skeptical about the scent when I heard about this product, but it really isn’t bad. Of course it smells like a man, but it’s not too strong and does go away after I apply my makeup.
Results: I usually wear my makeup for around 10hrs a day, and with any other primer, by then it would of gone blotchy and my makeup wouldn’t of lasted. But with this product it stays perfect! I use a small amount and tap it into my skin until it goes tacky, then I apply my foundation. I have a normal/combination skin, so usually throughout the day my t-zone gets oily. But with this product it doesn’t at all! If you have oily skin this would be a god send for you. I love how hydrated it makes my skin feel, without making it oily, which is what happens for me with most moisturizers/primers.  Overall, I would definitely recommend it. It doesn’t cost much to buy and it is amazing!

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